The Graph-Tool Orbital of the Hydrogen Atom

Fig. 1: Use this as the logo for your next-generation ‘PoS AI IoT DAG Blockchain’ project and your upcoming ICO will explode.
Fig. 2: The Copenhagen interpretation of fun.
FROM jupyter/minimal-notebook
ADD /tini
USER root
RUN chmod +x /tini
ENV JUPYTER_TOKEN=my_secret_token
ENTRYPOINT [“/tini”, “ — “]
CMD [“jupyter-notebook”, “ — allow-root”, “ — no-browser”, “ — port=8888”]
FROM tiagopeixoto/graph-tool
[{ "name": "graph-tool-hydro", "options": {"baseUrl":  ""} }]
docker run \
-p 8888:8888 \
-p 6006:6006 \
-ti \
-u user \
-w /home/user \
--mount type=bind,source=$LOCAL,target=$REMOTE,readonly \
graph-tool-hydro \
bash -c \
"jupyter notebook --ip \
--NotebookApp.token= \




nosy physicist turned programmer due to nosiness

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Juan Dominguez-Moran

Juan Dominguez-Moran

nosy physicist turned programmer due to nosiness

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